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The 7th Bruny Island Bird Festival. 15th-17th March 2024


The Festival was first held in 2010 as a community celebration of the remarkable diversity of birdlife on the island. The three day Festival is jointly presented by the Bruny Island Environment Network, BirdLife Tasmania and Inala Nature Tours, drawing on the wealth of knowledge and experience of experts in these groups to provide both an engaging and educative immersion in the natural delights of Bruny.  
Held every two years, the Festival has become a much anticipated event by the community and visitors alike. Each Festival brings new features and long-term favourites. In 2024, the Festival will continue to build on the four key elements of Community, Conservation, Science and Creativity to further involve the people of Bruny and Tasmania in the many tours, walks, workshops, lecturers, markets and cultural celebrations that are the Festival.  
Birds bring joy and interest to our lives; colour and music to our days.  Humans all over the world have always had a fascination for birds. They are part of our cultures, our stories, our language and our technological innovations. Even as we have exploited them, we have simultaneously exalted them and throughout history we have watched and wondered.  Understanding birds helps us better to understand the world we live in.

A Perfect Size – A short walk on Bruny can take you from dramatic coastal habitat with shore birds on the sand and oceanic sea birds gliding gracefully by offshore, up into dense mixed forest where bush birds dart from branch to branch and a symphony of songs entwines the trees.  Or begin in open grassland amongst the Native Hens and conclude by strolling through the dripping temperate rainforest with the elusive Pink Robin peeking from behind the tree ferns. The more you look and listen on this remarkable island, the more you will discover.

Conservation – Over 150 bird species are found on Bruny including all 12 of Tasmania’s endemic birds, as the island has such diverse ecological habitats.  The incredible birdlife of Bruny is recognised internationally and all of Bruny Island is a recognised Important Bird Area, frequently listed as must-see destination for nature lovers.  The Bruny Island Bird Festival gives those who live here a chance to further celebrate and understand the local birdlife, learning more about their habitats and behaviours, the environmental pressures and challenges they face and ways in which we can all help preserve and protect this unique Island.  The Festival encourages responsible birding habits, ethical photography and a conservation message that permeates the whole event.

Science – Science allows us to explore the fragile beauty and breathtaking functionality of an eggshell, the colours and complex composition of a feather, or the way a bird can sing with a mouth full of food. Our questions about birds and their lives are endless, the discoveries fascinating.  At the Festival there are events, workshops and lectures addressing many studies and innovations involving birds, both in Tasmania and beyond. Learn from researchers, rangers, students and professionals from throughout the birding world.

Creativity – All over Bruny there are talented and burgeoning artists, writers, musicians, sculptors, photographers and artisans of all ages and abilities.  The Festival seeks to involve anyone who uses birds amongst their creative inspirations. It is never too early to begin honing your bird photography skills, to start creating an artwork for the Art Exhibition or to begin gathering materials for your next Gatepost Sculpture. 

Community- No birding knowledge or binoculars are required to be involved, simply a love for this wonderful island, a passion for nature or purely a desire to be part of a great community event.  Let your friends know when it is happening, sign yourself up for events, come to the market day, take part in the competitions, and feel free to get in touch with new ideas or to put yourself forward as a volunteer, a sponsor, a speaker ….. School groups, community groups, businesses, residents and visitors – everyone is welcome. 

Fundamental to the success of the past festivals has been the professionalism and expertise brought to the team by Dr Tonia Cochran of Inala, Dr Eric Woehler of Birdlife Tas and the tireless work of Marg Graham of BIEN.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Bruny Island for the next festival in March 2024.

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